divendres, 17 d’octubre de 2014

Catalan government cancels plans for referendum

The Catalan government is calling off a referendum on independence from Spain planned for 9 November. It has been no the Spanish government who cancelled the independence referendum but the Catalan one. The argued reason is fear. The cancellation is because of a lack of legal guarantees. The Catalan government halted the referendum's campaign to avoid subjecting public servants to possible legal liability for defying the court.  Instead, the government will hold a public participation process ‒ a series of town hall meetings and debates ‒ on the political future of the province.. 

"The (Catalan) government has determined that the consultation can't take place," Joan Herrera of the Initiative for Catalonia, a Catalan political party in the province, told reporters. Mas proposed a “participative process” in which any resident of Catalonia aged over 16 can take their Spanish identity card along to a Catalan government building on November 9 and answer the same two questions on independence that were to have been in the referendum. It means nothing but a performance.

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