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FC Barcelona sign Catalan National Pact for Self -Determination

The Club have put their name to the Catalan National Pact for Self -Determination

The Camp Nou public have frequently expressed their support for Catalan self-determination. PHOTO: ARXIU FCB.

FC Barcelona have signed the Catalan National Pact for Self -Determination. The Club formalised their adhesion in a formal letter from President Josep Maria Bartomeu to the Pact Co-ordinator Joan Rigol. The Pact brings together over 3,500 organisations and associations from a wide spectre range of social and political positions which endorse the Catalan people's right to self-determination.

FC Barcelona has already signalled its position in favour of self-determination for Catalonia in a declaration made in the President’s Report at the 2013 Members Representatives Meeting – the maximum authority of the Club. In that statement, then President Sandro Rosell explained: “we will always be there for our country and for the will of its people. We defend the right to self-determination because that forms a part of the fundamental rights which all people and nations must have”.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu has frequently referred to this statement of principles when questioned about the Club’s position over recent months

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