dimarts, 21 d’octubre de 2014

Former Spanish PM Felipe González takes into consideration the suspension of Catalan autonomy

Felipe González. Foto: Europa Press.

The Catalan political process has experienced a though path today as words between Catalan sovereigns and the supporters of the unity of Spain became stronger. The constitutional possibility of the separation of a territory has been regarded as a suicide by the former Spanish socialist President Felipe González. At the same time, he said that the suspension of Catalan autonomy must be taken into consideration according to an article of the Spanish Constitution.

From Madrid, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, the Partido Popular leader, has announced a new proposal, which has become a new focus of discussion. The proposal includes the creation of a new political force in Barcelona, consisting of all the parties –ideologies aside- against the independence consultation. Hours later, the proposal has been rejected by the conservative party Ciutadans (Citizens) and the Christian Democrat party Unió Democràtica (UDC), both in the Catalan Government and in favour of the consultation but against a unilateral declaration of independence.

Also from the Partido Popular, Xavier García-Albiol, mayor of Badalona –the third most populated city in Catalonia– has restated that the council will not be involved in the organisation of the consultation on the 9th November.

Apart from those statements, an important event has been the request of 80 million euros of VAT from the Spanish Finance Ministry to the Catalan public administration managing Televisió de Catalaunya (TV3), the public Catalan television channel. According to Catalan Government sources, it might endanger the channel. Clearly, Artur Mas executive committee will fiercely defend TV3.

On one hand, the Spanish party Unión, Progreso y Democracia (Union, Progess and Democracy), led by Rosa Díez, has encouraged people to demonstrate in favour of the unity of Spain. She suggested that demonstrations should take place in every major city of the country on the 10th of September, eve of the Catalan National Day.

On the other hand, Josep Guardiola –currently coaching FC Bayern Munich, former coach of FC Barcelona and a popular celebrity among Catalans– has launched a video in which he supports the consultation. This has reaffirmed the sovereign movement to keep seeking independence.

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