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Gerard Piqué, proud of Catalonia

One of the most striking reactions to The Catalan process was that of the FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, who placed a message on Twitter saying 'It is great to have President Mas representing Catalonia' and thanking la Sexta TV for broadcasting the interview for Spain.

Piqué already showed his support for the referendum on 9 November some days ago. In a press conference he explained that he had taken part in the ‘V’ formation in Barcelona on 11 September. "I was in the crowds on National Day because I am Catalan and it was the Catalan holiday. I went there with my family, I enjoyed the day and I had a good time. The day was remarkable for the number of people who were there and for the festive atmosphere." And he added, "I am in favour of the consultation; I think it is the most democratic of events, something that has to happen, because in the end the people must have the right to vote."

He received an array of criticisms and insults on the social networks for having made a couple of tweets showing him with his son in the ‘V’ on the Catalan National Day.
"I have never lived such a thing,
Simply unforgettable!"

This is want he tweeted, and the insults started until the HT #PiqueFueradelaSeleccion (Piqué out of the Spanish National Team) was among the three trending topics in Spain

He was also on Spanish media for supporting Catalan process:

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