dilluns, 6 d’octubre de 2014

Spanish fighter jets illegally invade airspace over Gibraltar

This is not the first time that Spanish military jets have flown close to Gibraltar. In July last year, four Spanish jets “buzzed” the Rock and delay to a commercial flight. Now two Spanish fighter jets illegally entered UK airspace to fly “across the bows” of a British airliner in a “reckless and dangerous” stunt over Gibraltar, according to a report in the Sunday Express.

The incident happened as the Monarch flight carrying passengers from Manchester was making its delicate approach on to the Rock on September 19. Both jets were clearly in Gibraltar airspace without permission but attempts to communicate with them were ignored.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman said: “Spanish vessels already regularly violate the sovereignty of our waters.” “It is intolerable that Spanish military aircraft are now not only infringing our airspace but also behaving in a reckless and dangerous manner.”

A senior Tory MP called on Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to send Spain’s Ambassador to Britain, Federico Trillo, “packing back to Madrid”.

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