diumenge, 9 de novembre de 2014

Catalans start voting in festive atmosphere, without police blocking access or identifying volunteers

The citizen participation process on independence has kicked off at 9am on November 9 despite the temporary suspension of the Constitutional Court. Finally, the 1,317 voting centers hosting 6,695 polling stations have opened their doors without major incidents, as it has been confirmed by the Catalan Government. From early morning long queues of voters were waiting to cast their ballot in a festive atmosphere. 

The vote is run by 40,930 volunteers, but the Catalan Executive is actively behind the process. During the day it will offer turnout figures and it should announce the results on Monday. The ballot boxes are located in high-schools run by the Catalan Government or in municipal centres in small towns and villages. A delegation of international observers is monitoring the process. Several Spanish nationalist parties and organisations have filed judicial complaints asking for the vote to be stopped and members of the Catalan Government to be arrested. 

In addition, the Public Prosecutor Office – obeying the Spanish Government –asked the Catalan Police to identify the volunteers opening the voting centres, but the Catalan Government refused to do so as they had authorised volunteers to access public venues.

Catalans are already voting for independence from Spain, long cues all over Catalonia

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