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Citizen Complaint to the United Nations, The European Parliament, The European Commission, The European Council, and the OSCE

The undersigned, European and Catalan citizens, make our complaint signed by the elected officials of the Parliament of Catalonia, the European Parliament, the Spanish Parliament and the Councils of Catalonia, with Spain because it violates the right of the Catalan people to decide their political future and prevents them from exercising democracy by any means of consultation internationally recognized. 
Members of the Catalan Parliament signing 

In this regard, WE AFFIRM that: 

1. The people of Catalonia have, for reasons of democratic legitimacy, political and legal sovereignty, and as such, the right to decide for themselves their political future is recognized. 

2. Catalan people, directly or through their political representatives, have repeatedly expressed their willingness to decide their political future. 

3. The Parliament and the Government of Catalonia have followed all the steps necessary to fulfill the mandate to exercise the democratic right to decide, derived from the elections on 25 November 2012. 

4. The Spanish position is contrary to international practice in proper democratic countries, as in the case of Canada with Quebec and the UK with Scotland. 

That is why we inform the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe that: 

1. From Catalonia the legal channels in Spain to find a political settlement to allow a referendum or consultation about the political future of Catalonia, including the option of independence, have been exhausted. 

2. There is a complete lack of political will by the Spanish government to establish frameworks for dialogue and negotiation, in addition to the persistent refusal to permit the exercise of the right to decide by the Catalan people. 

3. The accumulation of difficulties and negativity by the highest political and judicial institutions of Spain, who refuse constantly all the proposals that have been made from Catalonia, have been aggravated with a strong political and democratic regression, clearly aimed to weaken Catalan self-government. This regression is expressed today in total clarity in all political, jurisdictional, financial, social, cultural and linguistic aspects. 

4. We are entitled to take all actions necessary in a peaceful and democratic manner, to ascertain the majority will of the people of Catalonia regarding their political future and, subsequently, to act accordingly by following this democratic mandate. 

That is why, under the democratic principles underlying the Founding Charter of the United Nations and the subsequent international agreements and treaties that guarantee the rights of peoples to decide their political future, we request to the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council, and the OSCE, to carry out the actions necessary to ensure that the Catalan people are able to decide, democratically, their political future.

Barcelona, November 2014

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