diumenge, 9 de novembre de 2014

Turnout at 5:00 pm GMT: 1,977,531

An unofficial vote on independence from Spain got underway at 9am on Sunday in Catalonia. The poll is going ahead despite two appeals filed with, and accepted by, the Constitutional Court by the central government in Madrid. The unofficial vote is so-called "citizens participatory process".

The Catalan government has pushed ahead with the poll despite it lacking legal backing, given that legislation passed by the Generalitat, as the regional government is known, was suspended by the Constitutional Court.

As of 13.00 today, participation had reached 1,142,910 people.

The participant turnout has been 1,977,531 people who have participated across Catalonia between 9:00am and 6:00pm (5:00pm GMT) said Joana Ortega from the Catalan Government.

Over 800 journalists from 240 media have registered for the media center. From the 240 media registered 120 of them are international.

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