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122 Catalan President Francesc Macià

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Francesc Macià, President of the Catalan Republic

Social and Democratic Commitment On the 25th of December 1933, the President of Catalonia Francesc Macià died at the Palace of the Generalitat, the seat of the Catalan Government in the very heart of the city of Barcelona. Enormously popular, as proven by his landslide election victory of 1931, Macià was seen off by an enormous...
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The Catalan Government: an Historical and Democratic Legitimacy

In the ongoing so-called Catalan process for democracy and in the face of the Spanish government's denial of it —along with that of the vast majority of the Spanish political class— there are some who have tried to focus the debate solely on legality versus legitimacy, ignoring all too often that this is also a debate on popular will versus...
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The Catalan Republic and the Generalitat de Catalunya

20th Century AC The fall of the regime of Miguel Primo de Rivera gave way to a ‘soft dictatorship’. The weakness of the government which was led by admiral Aznar and General Berenguer propelled the convocation of municipal elections in April 1931; these elections would deeply mark the evolution of the region over the succeeding years. General...
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The Struggle for Independence

They say the increase of supporters for the independence of Catalonia has its origin in the sentence of the Spanish Constitutional Court (2010) against the Statute of Catalonia (2006), and also in the financial crisis which we are undergoing –and which highlights even more the financial plundering suffered by the Government of Catalonia...
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