divendres, 5 de desembre de 2014

A member of the Spanish Civil Guard supports the fascist attack on the Catalan Government’s delegation in Madrid

He is photographed in a t-shirt supporting the attackers. The photo was posted on Facebook by the group Democracia Nacional

‘Some images are worth a thousand words. Images that the media will not show. Images that show us all is not lost and inspire us to continue fighting for the future that we want and that belongs to us. Not one step backwards!’ This message was the caption that the Spanish far-right group Democracia Nacional published along with a photograph of a Spanish Civil Guard wearing a t-shirt supporting the fascist attack on the Catalan Government’s delegation in Madrid last 11 September.

The photo of himself taken in front of a mirror shows a Civil Guard pulling up his uniform to reveal a t-shirt sporting the slogan ‘Blanquerna Style’ with a picture of one of the masked attackers.

Last 11 September, an extreme right-wing group violently interrupted a celebration of Catalonia’s National Day in the Blanquerna Cultural Centre, the office of the Catalan Government in Madrid. Some participants, including a member of the Spanish Parliament, were injured in the attack. Among other acts of violence they threw a Catalan flag to the ground and overturned the lectern. Before they left the attackers used tear gas and shouted: “You aren’t fooling us. Catalonia is Spain.” The day after their arrest, they were released by the judge pending charges.

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