dilluns, 8 de desembre de 2014

December 10 rally for Tibet in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Tibetans and Catalan supporters will hold a demonstration from the city’s Tibet House (Casa del Tibet)*, to the St James Square (Plaça de Sant Jaume) at 6pm. The rally is a call to raise Tibet-China human rights dialogue. Today the world is standing up for Tibet. Campaigners are calling on global leaders to take co-ordinated action now to pressure Chinese President Hu Jintao to withdraw Chinese troops and armed police from towns and monasteries in Tibet.

Many Western governments prefer to engage China in what is called “quiet diplomacy”. In the West there has always been a school of thought that contends that “quiet diplomacy” is the more effective way in dealing with China. The logical consequence of this has been to exercise restraints to avoid “the loss of face” of the Chinese leadership. It is, therefore, high time to point out that this restraint to avoid “the loss of face” of the Chinese leadership is resulting in the loss of lives of an increasing large number of Tibetans and the overall deterioration of the human rights situation in the PRC.

The rally is one of the scheduled events of the ‘Tibet Festival’ in the Catalan city to celebrate the first twenty years of the House of Tibet. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama inaugurated the first seat of Tibet House Foundation in December 1994 and the second and current seat in September 2007. It is a cultural, solidarity and non-profit association with a goal is the diffusion of the Tibetan culture in Catalonia, introducing its different expressions and its potential contribution to modern society.

* Carrer Rosselló, 181. Barcelona.

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