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Solidarity with the political representatives who are facing criminal charges

Did you vote on 9N?

Would you like to show solidarity with the political representatives who are facing criminal charges for disobeying a resolution of the Constitutional Tribunal forbidding the process of 9N, which is now in the hands of the Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya.

Are you available at 9am on Saturday 27 December?

If the answwer to these 3 questions is yes, then you can join the campaign of self-incrimination as follows:


- Print 2 copies of the attached document (1 to hand in and 1 to keep).

- Complete them as follows:

At the top, tick the box “jutjat de guàrdia”

Complete the first paragraph with full name, DNI or passaport, place of residence, address, post code.

In section 3 below add the municipality where you voted.

Date and sign at the bottom.

Meeting place

09.00h Saturday 27 December at the main entrance to the Cuitat de la Justícia, 111 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona. (Metro red line Sta Eulàlia or Ferrocarrils Magòria-La Campana)

If you like to know what you’re signing!

1. The participative process of 9N

2. The criminal charges made against the President, Vice President and Counsellor for Education of the Generalitat

3. That you took part in this 9N process and where you did so.

4. That you consider the Spanish government’s attempt to supress the process illegitimate and contrary to your fundamental rights of freedom of expression, showing a serious lack of democràtic guarantees in the Spanish State where there is no separation of powers.

And finally you sign to say that you too disobeyed the resolution suspending the 9N process.

We hope many people will join us on Saturday. Please pass this message on via social networks.

Merry Christmas

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