dimecres, 14 de gener de 2015

Next step on September 27, 2015

Catalan First Minister Artur Mas announced today early regional elections would be held “on September 27, 2015″, following weeks of doubt over electoral list formats. He told it at a news conference after reaching an agreement to hold the vote with the head of the opposition leftist Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya party, Oriol Junqueras. He apologised to Catalan voters for the prolonged (two months) political negotiations that had produced uncertainty: “the past few weeks of negotiations have not been the best” said the Catalonian president.

“We have reached an agreement to hold elections for Catalans in 2015″, he said about the negotations with Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya. The first official day of the election campaign would be Catalonia’s national  day, September 11. The agreement is that there would be separate electoral lists with pro-independence parties working together towards a common goal.
“The political unity pact has been put back together. (...) The important thing is the common road map, which is very advanced.” added Mr. Mas.

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