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Catalan (and Basque) Booing Banned in Spain

Well, we are just like Nostradamus. In fact it is easy to guess what the Kingdom of Spain is ready to do. It is always the same: to ban, to taunt, to abuse, to forbid. This is the Spanish Kingdom DNA. Last February 2013 we published the article 'Booing Soon to Be Banned in Spain'. Many people thought it was a joke. Now it's the real life. Booing of the Spanish nationalist anthem and against the King of Spain will be prohibited by law and the perpetrators might incur fines.

Last football King's Cup (on Saturday May 30th) was played by F.C. Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. Both Catalans and Basques protested booing against the Spanish imposed anthem (the Franco's one). It is called freedom of expression everywhere. Not in Spain.

Following the loud boos and jeers heard from the stands of Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium when the Spanish national anthem played over the loudspeakers, the Popular Party have announced that they will “suggest a series of legal changes” to ensure that such actions do not go unpunished in the future.

Saturday’s jeering was “an event that offends us,” an “insult” and a “horror” said PP spokesman Carlos Floriano. PP spokesman Carlos Floriano said his party was analyzing legislation in countries where attacking national symbols is a crime, with an eye to introducing similar laws in Spain. Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez phoned King Felipe VI to express his solidarity after the jeering. Left or Right Spain is Spanish.

The government is going to fine the clubs for a decision made by their fans, to express criticism over the political situation or because much of society has taken up a habit that is incompatible with respect for the institutions at public social demonstrations.

On 2012 Spanish whistled massively the French national anthem in a football match in Madrid. This is "good" booing. Basque and Catalan are not.

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