dimecres, 24 de febrer de 2016

Asturian language forbidden in the Asturias parliament

Iniciativa pol Asturianu has launched an online petition against the decision of the Spanish nationalist parties to impose only Spanish. The leader of the PP (Spanish ruling party) in Asturias, Mercedes Fernandez, have boasted the decision saying "We've boasted that Spanish is the only language of the parliament of Asturias." Citizens, PSOE and Forum (a PP split Asturias) have given full support to the measure. So far 2,700 signatures have been collected.

Moreover, the Xunta Pola Defense of the Asturian Llingua and Xunta Moza and have called for a rally on February 25th in the Asturian parliament against the measure under the motto "Pola dignidá del asturianu. ¡Valió d'agresiones a la llingua asturiana! ' (For the dignity of the Asturian language. Enough is enough of attacks on the Asturian language).

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