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Spanish Kingdom prosecutor denounces the indyref convocation before Catalan High Court of Justice

The First Public Prosecutor Office of Catalonia has added new items to its case against the Minister for Governation, Meritxell Borràs for its demand for ballot box officers. It cannot be ruled out that there will be one single judicial case relating to everything around the independence referendum.
In its address to the Catalan High Court of Justice, the prosecution points out that, since the case against Ms. Borràs was presented on the 16th of May (it has not yet been admitted to process), several statements have been issued which reinforce the case that the ballot boxes “have no other end” than the celebration ofa referendum in which Catalan citizens are askeds on “the convenience of secession” with the rest of the State. As well, it adds that the Constitutional Court “has openly and rotundly stated that it is against the Constitution and its derived legal corpus”.

In this document, which has been officially entered into the High Court Registry, it is highlighted that Puigdemont’s statement of “his steadfast will, solemnly expressed” together with the Government, to carry out the referendum on the 1st of October and “even sets” the question to which Catalans will answer “Do you want Catalonia to be an independent state in the form of a republic?”.

“Enormously transcendent” data
The incorporation of the question and date to the case highlights that “even though the announcement may not have been accompanied by any resolution”, it is “without doubt, an enormously transcendent data”, in order of evaluating “the illicit use of the material”.

Puigdemont’s announcement, points out the text from the prosecution, is completed with the political act of last Sunday, organised by pro-independence civil society entities in which the government in full participated, including “the defendant, Borràs” and in which “the decision which was took past Friday, was reaffirmated”.

The Public Prosecutor also lets the High Court know that the tender for ballot boxes has advanced and two companies have shown interest which “could be able, with their intervention, to facilitate the ends” pretended by Borràs. The Office asks the High Court for these facts to be taken into account.

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