diumenge, 11 de febrer de 2018

Democracy Camp in its 12th day

They camped on January 31st when the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent (ERC, Esquerra) announced on that he was delaying the confidence debate to reappoint Carles Puigdemont President of Catalonia. On January 29th PP Spokesperson Pablo Casado, in a clear mafia style, was  threatening the Speaker of the Parliament "He has two children, he knows what might happen if he allows President Puigdemont to be sworn". Spanish court also was threatening Mr Torrent if he allowed Puigdemont to be democratically elected.

The protesters say enough is enough. It is not time of more Spanish threats, no more Spanish violence but it's time for politics. And the will of the people was clear in last elections: To swear Puigdemont as President. Only the wall of Madrid direct rule and its inquisition are stopping this decision. The camp is organized well. Every day activities attract people. This twelve days have been freezing and some of them rain was strong but the will of the protesters is strong too. Police identified the protesters and said they should leave the Catalonia's Square but they decided to stay.

You can follow them in twitter: @DespertemRep meaning "Let's wake up the Republic". 

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