A dozen of ERC party headquarters defaced as Spanish collaborationists and "to betray independence"

The Committee for the Defense of the Republic - Direct Action has claimed that it has painted on the facade of several ERC headquarters, as well as some of Junts and the CUP in various localities, with the inscription "Consulate of Spain" to denounce the which considers the inaction of the parties in resuming the independence process. The CDR-Acció Directa has published on the web how the graffiti was done in various towns, such as Mollerussa, Alcarràs, Terrassa, Balaguer, Barcelona, ​​Rubí, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Vic. "If you continue to manage autonomy, you will face us. If you continue to betray independence, we will continue to point to yours. Today we made official what we all knew: new consulates in the territory ", they pointed out on the network. In a manifesto published a year ago, the CDR-Acció Directa criticized the action of the pro-independence parties, assuring that they were trying to "seek demobilization", and announced that it would take action in protest.

Meanwhile, pro-independence parties in addition to the PSC and the commons are now waiting to see if they will change the language policy law. If last Thursday the PSC, ERC, Junts i comuns convincingly presented an agreement to incorporate Spanish as a language for school use, today this agreement has the brakes on. The widespread rejection of civil society on Thursday evening led to Junts withdrawing from this agreement, while the other three groups called on those of Carles Puigdemont not to deviate from the consensus reached by more than 100 deputies. The amendment to the Language Policy Act was due to begin debating in the plenary next week, the groups said, but it has no date at the moment, although it is likely to be addressed in the plenary session of the April 28th.
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This was explained by parliamentary sources after the Bureau and the Board of Spokespersons met this week. They say they have set the agenda for next week's plenary, which will only last two days because there are "few motions", and that this bill will not be addressed to change the rules. These sources have detailed that there is no date at the moment and that the decision not to put it in the next plenary session has been an agreement of the groups. In addition, the CUP has asked to unilaterally set its proposal to amend the LEC for next week’s plenary session, which calls for only Catalan to be recognized in schools, but the groups have rejected it.

On the other hand, ninety personalities have signed a manifesto against the controversial language agreement at school, arguing that “it cannot be approved because it constitutes a threatening setback for the future of the language in an area that is key to normalizing -the". A més, “la incorporació explícita de la vehicularitat del castellà en una llei catalana representaria un pas enrere que el català no es pot permetre en la situació de feblesa actual, accentuada entre la població més jove”, afegeix. Clara Ponsatí, Elisenda Paluzie, Quim Torra and Lluís Llach are some of the personalities who have supported the text released this week. The manifesto ‘Defensem l'escola en català’ explains that “this waiver, apart from being dangerous, would be sterile and gratuitous, and would not serve to respond to the judicial requirements of the TSJC ruling”. "We already know, as we have seen in the Valencian Country, that the courts, based on lawsuits from public and private bodies that have not stopped, would continue to attack the school in Catalan under any pretext," he recalls. Therefore, he insists that "the government cannot give in to the legal challenge that, without any pedagogical criteria, seeks to overthrow a model that promotes social cohesion and has the support of the vast majority of society." "In fact, it gave way when in 2020, in the negotiation of the Celaá Law with the government of Pedro Sánchez, it did not demand that the Spanish government withdraw the appeal that has ended up giving rise to this sentence," he said.

The CDR-AD was born on St. George's Day 2021. In a statement, the new group, called CDR Direct Action, explained that it includes the legacy of all those who have fought for independence, especially the courage of all those retaliated against. , to take a walk on the political stage from the street. "In this context, between the demobilization sought, the Offec of Spain and the so-empty and embarrassing words of Catalan parties we are born the Defense Committee of the Republic - Direct Action," says the statement.

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