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Heart & Brain

Citizens' Voice Series
Esther Ponsa
Teacher and businesswoman
Let me introduce myself as a loving person. I specially love but my country. Spain? No. My country is Catalonia and I love it, probably, as much as you love your own country.

When I was a child I learnt my grandfather lost a war together with many of our neighbors. I was taught that my language wasn’t a second class one, even in the street, it was hardly spoken and people hid when using it. I had one day off at school when a very bad man for my language and culture died and the only thing on TV weren’t cartoons but his funeral with all honors. I learnt that the just new issued first newspaper written in Catalan language was a great success.
Perhaps most of you never received such strange type of lessons as you may live in a normal country. We cannot close our eyes to our historical heritage but that was in the 70s and, as we Catalan say, it’s rained a lot since.

Up to now, most of the reasons for willing a Catalan state, separated from Spain were only a matter of heart, of protecting our common language, culture, history and way of being.

Recently also the brain is coming more and more to the conviction that the only solution for the economical survival of Catalonia is releasing from Spain. You can find a large list of the reasons in this web page written by eminent economists concluding that Catalonia is able to be one of the economically succeeding European countries when separated from Spain. So, it’s also a convenience matter.
Secession is the only solution. In a democratic way, of course! Catalan Parliament is the one entitled to make the step, following the rules of European Courts and United Nations.

Please make the effort to put yourself into my skin for a while, your feelings and your reason: if your language wasn’t respected, if your culture wasn’t accepted, if your country was submitted to another, if you were treated as a modern slave in terms of money supplied to your “boss”, wouldn’t you like to get rid of such situation? Wouldn’t you choose for a pacific and democratic secession?
Nothing lasts forever. It’s time Catalonia decides by herself. I’m sure you’ll soon welcome a new state in Europe: Catalonia.

Esther Ponsa

Teacher and businesswoman

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