Spanish extremists attack the presentation of a book about... Spanish nationalist violence

The city of València was the scenario of Spanish violence once again. Last decades Spanish extremists have terrorized local population with bombs attacks, riots against pacific demonstrations as well as burning of book stores or social buildings. On July 5th, 'New glories in Spain', the new book by the sociologist Vicent Flor, was going to be presented. The book explains the violence of the anti-catalans. In the words of the author himself, the book explains precisely what unfortunately some had the opportunity to witness that day.

A group of Spanish extremists appeared in the FNAC store in València to prevent the presentation of the book. Once it had begun, they shouted against the assistants and to abuse the presenters of the act. They weaved Spanish flags and throwed chairs, books and light bulbs of smoke, hurting some of the assistants.

After some long thirty minutes, the Spanish radicals were evicted of the room by the police and the presentation continued. The participants in the act wanted to highlight that they "have had lesson of theory and also of practice". Flor was well accompanied by J.J. Pérez Benlloch, Mònica Oltra (MP) as well as the publisher Vicent Olmos. Usually all this acts have no punishment. In fact some of these groups have recognized crimes but they are not being prosecuted by the Spanish state.

Pictures: Vilaweb, Levante-EMV

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