dijous, 17 de novembre de 2011

Catalan MEP Vilified for Speaking in English

Spanish members of the European Parliament vilified a Catalan congressman last Wednesday, November, 16th for speaking in English. Ramon Tremosa, a member of the Catalan centrist party CiU was speaking in English concerning an amendment, when two PSOE congresspeople began to shout: “In Spanish, in Spanish, you speak better in Spanish.” PSOE will be the ruling party until the upcoming  November 20th elections, when PP, the ultranationalist Spanish party, is expected to win by a landslide. Tremosa wondered whether this is what it was like to be back in 1939—the year when Spanish fascists won the war. Another Catalan congressman from the leftist ICV-EUiA party said: "I was there. It was a really pathetic and unpleasant situation.” What's interesting is that Spanish is not a working language at the European Parliament, but English is. So, in essence, these Spanish zealots were trying to impose a non-working language. Nowadays, there are three working languages in the EU: English, French, and German. Why is it that Spanish supremacists do not shout at British, French or German members when they use these languages? Because they are bullies who only dare attack those whom they perceive as weak.

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    17 de novembre de 2011 a les 22:12

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  • Sergi says:
    21 de novembre de 2011 a les 2:39

    El que necessitem és una reforma de la llei electoral on tots els vots tinguin el mateix efecte!

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