dimecres, 23 de novembre de 2011

The Catalonia I know

The Catalonia I know has no borders, is rich and and plentiful. It's Sea and mountain. It is nation of countries. Chopped, falafel, sushi and spring roll. Olive oil, wine, roses and books and figs and honey and curd.

Four stripes (from our flag) above our songs. It is language in which poetry and tweets are written. It is Pyrenees and Ebro Delta, but sometimes it smells like pee.

It is nation of human castels, supportive, commited, outraged and popular. It is a country with rumba, it likes soccer, seafaring, arts, sciences that it plows.

It is my and your home, from where I always are and from where I will always be.

It is “Lowland”, a land of welcome…And it needs Independence in order to grow in freedom.

(dedicated to all those who will never forguet Jusep)

Dolors Boatella

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