diumenge, 18 de desembre de 2011

”Just imagine, she could be the child of an undesirable person; or worse, of a Catalan“

A skit on the Telecinco's series Aída considers that it is worse to be Catalan that an undesirable. One of the main characters in the series finds a basket with a girl in it at his pubs's door, believing that it is somehow related to an old fling with a prostitute. He doubts that the girl is his, but decides to take care of her. reasoning that “just imagine, she could be the child of an undesirable person; or worse, of a Catalan.”

This is not the first time that the Telecinco TV series uses hate speech against the Catalans. In the past, it has done so against Catalan police or, as Help Catalonia dennounced, by asking in a poll whether you'd prefer to have a black, gay, or Catalan son.

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  • Anònim says:
    20 de desembre de 2011 a les 12:54

    This is one of the all atacks to catalan people every year.

    An important information: I am part of JERC,an independentist politichal party composed only by young people. In 2010 it has only 3 people in my city. Now it has 19 people.

    This is only a mirror of the catalan fealings. If we have stronger and have a only on voice, we will independence!

  • Anònim says:
    29 de desembre de 2011 a les 20:14

    I'm not from Catalonia or Spain. I live in Canada so people probably don't consider me Catalan but my mother is Catalan and father is Basque.. and omg if I ever heard anyone say this around me, that person would meet my fists. I don't get how people can get away with this! Ugh, it makes me hate people and have no hope for civilization.

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