dimarts, 28 de febrer de 2012

Spanish Policeman Presses Charges for Being Spoken To in Catalan

A Spanish policeman pressed charges against a man from Majorca for having spoken to him in Catalan. During a protest in front the court of Palma—where aki Undargarín was declaring— the agent was heard to say “You will talk to me in Spanish.”

The police officer, who was part of the perimeter security force around the court of Palma, pressed charges against Marcel Pich for having spoken to him in Catalan. At first, Mr. Pich refused to speak in Spanish, although later, when the agent told him he was from Malaga and did not understand Catalan, he switched to Spanish and replied that he had no problem with that, but reminded him that he had no obligation to do so. The agent became agitated and insisted that the man speak to him in Spanish. At this point, the agent took him to the van where Mr. Pich was detained.

The police justified the charges on grounds of “lack of respect to authority.” During Mr. Pich‘s detention, the policeman kept threatening that he would arrest him.

Some associations have denounced this and have announced that they will take legal action

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