diumenge, 25 de març de 2012

Catalan Flag Banned from Schools in Mallorca

Just as during the Franco years, the Catalan flag is being banned by Partido Popular's government, which recently issued a decree to this end. The text in the decree is absolutely absurd—it reads just like a joke, except it’s not a joke:
“Given that the Catalan flag waving at many schools around the Balearic Islands does not correspond to any of the flags recognized as symbols of the Balearic Islands in the self-government charter, nor to the national flag established by the 39/1981 law (...) the government demands that the schools (...) take down these flags and posters.”
In essence, schools can't decide what posters or flags to display.

The decree has already been answered not only by the schools, but by the various parents associations, who describe it as an “authoritarian attack.”  In essence, the government is trying to take away from the schools this right, one of the most basic in any democratic society. Moreover, the Parents Association of Mallorca says the government is acting “shamelessly” and is just trying to impose its “old-fashioned and partisan policies in a authoritarian way.”

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  • Violeta says:
    25 de març de 2012 a les 13:46

    It's a very sad news for me. I'm catalan and I don't like this horrible situation. I think we have to start doing something. Sometimes I'm afraid of the future... I love my language and my country, Catalonia. Freedom for Catalonia!!

  • Narciso says:
    27 de març de 2012 a les 19:35

    My grandfather was Catalan, as an American I would like some recognition by Washington of a degree of Catalunyan autonomy

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    Jordi Vàzquez says:
    28 de març de 2012 a les 5:55

    L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.

  • Jordi Vàzquez says:
    28 de març de 2012 a les 8:40

    Violet: Thanks a lot?.
    Narciso: Can we contact with you by any way?.

  • Andreu Cabré says:
    28 de març de 2012 a les 8:42

    Narciso, I too would be interested in contacting you—I had a similar idea as yours. Is there any chance of that?

  • Candide says:
    29 de març de 2012 a les 8:11

    How can you dream of any recognition from abroad when you regularly suppress dissent?

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