dimarts, 11 de setembre de 2012

The largest secessionist rally in Catalonia’s history

Press release by Catalan National Assembly:

- A human tide marches towards the Catalan Parliament
in favour of independent statehood.

- One and half milion Catalan people expressed their
wish for independence.

Unprecedented mobilization in Barcelona: a human tide has filled the
Catalan capital under the slogan 'Catalonia, a new state of Europe'. The
march has exceeded all expectations to the point that the head of the
demonstrations could hardly move.

Later, a delegation of representatives of the Catalan National Assembly
(ANC) and the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) have
met the President of the Catalan Parliament, Mrs. Núria de Gispert, asking
her to convey the plea of the people to the Catalan Government to formally
initiate the process of secession from Spain.

Afterwards, the president of the ANC, Carme Forcadell, declared that "the
people have taken the streets of Barcelona asking for national freedom"
and the songwriter Lluís Llach said "This is the first day of a new era."

Journalist Jordi Margarit and actress Txe Arana hosted a rally where those
attending voiced that Catalonia will become the next European State,
symbolically raising green cards creating a green tide of democracy and
freedom. Catalans living around the world were shown raising their green
cards, including the former coach of FC Barcelona Josep Guardiola raising
their green cards.

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