dimarts, 15 d’octubre de 2013

Former Loyalist NBA Player Pau Gasol Switches Side


One of the many positive aspects of today's Loyalist microdemonstration in Barcelona (7,000, less than 1/200 of the participants in the 9/11 Catalan Way human chain) is the backfiring of Spanish nationalist attempts to gather the support of some Catalan celebrities who at some time in the past had publicly spoken out in favour of Catalonia's current colonial status. Perhaps the best known among them was Pau Gasol, who plays for Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Among other utterances, Gasol once said “I consider myself Catalan, but also Spanish”. Some days ago, the microdemonstration's organizers posted a video where he appeared saying this, but Gasol reacted by refusing any support for the microevent. In a Tweet he refused cooperating, stressing that the use of footage was unathorised.


There is no doubt about the significance of Pau Gasol's words. We are talking about someone who had openly embraced Catalonia's colonial status in the past, defending it not one or twice but on repeated occasions. Furthermore, we are talking about somebody based in the US, for whom it would be very easy to discreetly stay silent until he got final confirmation of which side was to ultimately prevail. However, Gasol has played it smarter. Instead of waiting until Catalonia formally declares independence, he has preferred to take a step forward a bit earlier, and now that it is clear that Catalonia is leaving Spain but when there are still those who persist in daydreaming otherwise, he has Tweeted his goodbye. Goodbye Loyalist organizations and parties. Goodbye. Nothing lasts for ever. “Even the longest, most glittering reign must come to an end some day”, as FU would say.

Alex Calvo

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