dimecres, 16 d’octubre de 2013

Spanish Unionists Threaten Catalan Press Photographer

The extreme right-wing demonstration held in Barcelona on 12th October is having consequences. Catalan news photographer Jordi Borràs of digital newspaper Nació Digital and Help Catalonia volunteer has been receiving threats since the demonstration, some of which death threats, accusing him of instigating a beating of a far-right group by a group of antifascists. “In the last 72 hours I have not stopped receiving serious threats” says Borràs.

On the day of the demonstration, Borràs tweeted that there was a neo-Nazi group in a bar in a street nearby. “The tweet warning anyone reading it not to approach the area became, according to them, the spark that led to a fight between several people” says Borràs. Since then, he has received tweets, emails and even threatening phone calls.

He has reported all the events to the Catalan police, who will monitor those responsible for the intimidations. “It's a question of dignity, of professional ethics, and because I will not tolerate a single fascist threat which we have fought for so long after the end of the Franco dictatorship, but which still pervades our society” says Borràs.

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