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How to sell Catalan products in the United States

The main destination for Catalan exports outside of Europe is the united States. In the current year, exports to the United States have gone up to almost 12%, a fact that responds to the demand of an integrated and homogenous market with more than 300 million consumers.

Penetration into the north-American market requires quality products and a good preparation to compete in a highly competitive environment. Therefore Catalan companies have at their disposal two services to facilitate the promotion and sales of their products in the USA.

Catalan Wines USA helps Catalan cellars to introduce wines to the United States, a country were the market has been growing for 17 years in a row. It is a logistics as well as a commercial solution to facilitate the wine distribution or to enlarge the commercial network in the USA. The service, which can get subsidies from the European Commission, offers an active search of importers, distributors and other agents involved in product positioning in the north-American market.

Up to 80% of participating cellars in the three previous editions are already selling or have found an importer in the USA. The next edition will start next June and the deadline for applying is open until the 10th of May. Do you want to know more about the next edition of Catalan Wines USA?

The success of this initiative has led to the creation to Catalan Gourmet USA, a novel logistics and commercial service for gourmet Catalan products. With the participation of six Catalan companies, Catalan Gourmet USA was presented at the renowned Chef José Andrés restaurant Jaleo last 22 of April in Washington, and gathered up to 100 importers, distributors, chefs, delicatessen chains and restaurateurs from the United States. The service facilitates the joint shipping of products from Catalonia, its homologation and their promotion and commercialization.

The 2014 edition of Catalan Gourmet USA plans to hold activities in Atlanta, Seattle and Philadelphia.

These are to examples of the services offered by the Business Promotion Center which helps companies to work together to reduce costs, increase their visibility and multiply the capacity of penetration of quality Catalan products into a complex market such as the United States.

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