divendres, 29 de novembre de 2013

Flash News More on Catalonia’s Independence Process

** THE SPANISH ARMY is planning to increase troops in Catalonia in 2014, particularly in the Arapiles 62 unit based in Sant Climent Sescebes near the border with France. In the recent months, there has been an increase in Spanish armed forces in Catalonia, especially those of the of Spanish police corps.

** PEDRO PABLO PEÑA, leader of a Spanish right-wing extremist group, was interviewed on Intereconomía TV station, where he made pro-fascist comments and proudly defended the assault on the Catalan government building in Madrid on September 11 . The assailants were released and given fines of 300 euros.

** By a margin of 9 votes to 2, the Spanish Constitutional Court rejected the motion for impeachment by the Government of Catalonia against the president of the Spanish Constitutional Court, Mr. Fancisco Pérez de los Cobos. Before being elected president, Pérez de los Cobos repeatedly expressed his hostility against anything Catalan.

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