dissabte, 9 de novembre de 2013

"Help Catalonia, quite an example"

'Help Catalonia' is an enlightening example that breaks myths radiating a message from Catalonia, a country committed to take its own path. This public-spirited and civil volunteerism is vital in such hard times in order not to lose track of our national ambitions –and particularly to be able to build an international reality, so often manipulated and distorted.

Here and now, it is more than ever necessary to pull together and imitate the superb and volunteering example of Help Catalonia. It is essential that from our villages and cities we educate and inform tourists and visitors –just as Taxi Drivers for Independence do– and that we radiate a positive message about our nation under construction. Now, more than ever, we need the help from people of goodwill from all over the world.

Josep M. Loste (Portbou)
Source: El Periódico

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