diumenge, 10 de novembre de 2013

Human chain in Northern Catalonia


Supporters of Catalonia's culture in Northern Catalonia (French State) yesterday joined hands to form a human chain around the Perpignan French institutions in support of their cause. Northern and Southern Help Catalonia's Volunteers joined the chain too. Help Catalonia has members at both sides of the border. More than a thousand people asked for more suport for the Catalan Language in Northern Catalonia. The rally remembered the Treaty of Pyrenees (1659).

The main demand of the organizers is that Catalan become an official language. Furthermore, they are asking for recognition of the so-called “regional languages” in France, granting them minimum rights, like a small slot on public TV or in public schools. Also, they demand that the French government sign the ECRML.

The first Catalan schools were founded in 1976 by volunteers with no government support. In 1998 there were 8,631 students studying Catalan. Four years later, there were 11,175 students. The regional government released the most recent figures:
13,411 students. More and more people are interested in learning Catalan.

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