dimarts, 26 de novembre de 2013

#volemvotar (We want to vote)

Once again, Twitter has become the speaker of Catalan sovereignty. At 6PM on Monday 15th September there was a massive tweet with the hashtag #volemvotar  (We want to vote) and a mention of @marianorajoy. 

The goal was to get Twitter to spread the unequivocal message that the celebration of a consultation in Catalonia is unavoidable. This goal was achieved with flying colours. 

According to 'Topsy', the number of tweets exceeded 150,000. The #volemvotar clearly imposed itself on a European map of 'trending topics', as can be seen on the'Trendsmap' website. 

This was the rapid and forceful response on the Web to the outrageous letter of Rajoy to Mas, where the consultation doesn't even get a mention.

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