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Retired Spanish Colonel Uncovers Military Operation to Halt Catalan Rebellion

Col. Martinez-Inglés
Former Spanish Army Officer Amadeo Martinez-Inglés claims Spanish top brass, including the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Chiefs of Staffs of the Army, Air Force and Navy, have made plans with the full knowledge and blessing of PM Mariano Rajoy's government for the rapid deployment of forces in Catalonia, disregarding democratic form, if by October the Catalan Government has not withdrawn its plans for a referendum on secession from Spain, set for early November.

Provisionally codenamed Operation Estela —Wake— Col. Martinez-Inglés explains in a letter (PDF, in Spanish) which digital news site Nació Digital has had access to, that the military intervention in Catalonia would be carried out unless what they have dubbed the Catalan Rebellion is called off.

The former Colonel quoted high-ranking military sources as saying that Mariano Rajoy's speech in Barcelona on Saturday was the starting gun for an anti-independence offensive which would first be "media-based, political and social, but if things come to a head —and Catalan President Mas does not back off— could turn into another sort of confrontation, whereby corrupt politicians would be forced to make way for military patriots. Operational plans have already been made."

"The plan" —continued the retired officer— "according to information I have from solvent military sources, is for elite units of the Spanish army —paratroopers and legionnaires— to occupy by surprise and at night all centres of political power and the media in Barcelona and the other provincial capitals in the Catalan community no later than 20th October, while also declaring a state of emergency throughout Catalonia and outlawing its Government.”

“Once the night-time operation was completed —at about eight in the morning of D-day +1— Prime Minister Rajoy would report before Congress in an emergency session of the Spanish Cortes, providing explanations to the Spanish people and promising a quick and 'democratic' solution to the conflict" added Col. Martinez-Inglés in his letter.

Spanish Army Colonel Threatens Catalonia with Military Intervention

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  • iamloddy says:
    28 de gener de 2014 a les 8:57

    Would be great to have an accurate English translation of the letter if possible.

  • backuplines says:
    29 de gener de 2014 a les 4:16

    Hay que joderse.
    Da igual si te joden por delante o detras.te joden igualmente.
    Algunos llenan el bolsillo izquierda, otros el de la derecha. Da igual si te roban igualmente. La dictadura de los democraticos. Hay que joderse.

  • Anònim says:
    31 de gener de 2014 a les 8:55

    Not really a surprise - actually, I would think it were a surprise if such plans were NOT existing. And it would also be a surprise if parts of the Catalan autonomists have not yet thought about such a situation, and prepared plans on their own. I remember Catalonia is one of the hotspots of independent peer to peer wlan nets, making it difficult to cut the region's internet access. No need wondering why they did that.

    Anyway, the Spanish government must understand that by using arms in this conflict, it can only loose. Win the war, end democracy (because how would you have a democracy with occupied provinces?), loose EU membership, crash economy. Loose the war (entirely possible due to desertions and low morale, see Jugoslav army vs. Slovenia and Croatia), step back, go into prison.

    Not only looking at Spain, I firmly believe the world will have changed quite a lot when this year has ended.

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