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European Greens Announce Support for Catalan Referendum

The European Green Party has announced support for a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia. The Green candidate for the European Commission Presidency, Ska Keller, committed on Monday, March 10th to support in Europe the self-determination referendum in Catalonia due on November 9th, if elected, and has appealed for "dialogue."

"It is my personal commitment that if I am elected President of the European Commission I will defend the right of Catalonia to decide its political future and its relationship with Spain in a referendum", the German politician said.

Ms Keller, who was in Barcelona earlier this year to visit the Detention Center for Immigrants, made the announcement at a press conference alongside Catalan ICV party leaders Joan Herrera and Dolors Camats, and ICV European Parliament candidate for the coming elections on May 25th, Ernest Urtasun, as well as MEP Raül Romeva.

When asked about the refusal of Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy's executive to talk about the self-determination referendum, Keller said the Spanish government should start a dialogue process to allow the referendum to take place and that if she is elected President of the European Commission she will appeal for this dialogue.

Meanwhile, Mr Urtasun "praised" Ms Keller's commitment to support the self-determination referendum if she is elected President of the European Commission because, he contended, it is necessary to seek "allies" in Europe to defend the right of Catalans to decide. "The fact that an important European political family as the Greens commit (to defend the referendum) is important. We have made a step forward to favor the right to decide”, the European ICV candidate said.

The Greens are the first European party to support the referendum. ICV believes gestures like this, or the fact that Spain's Izquierda Unida party is also in favor of the referendum, are more important than sharing with Catalan conservatives Convergència i Unió a common point in their election program.

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