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Let's stop hunger strike: Unsuccessful and impossible negotiations

The Regional Ministry of Education (Conselleria) waited ten days of undefined strike before sit to negotiate. The strike started with a following of 92% of the teachers and continued beyond 50% during all the days the strike lasted. During the negotiations the Conselleria accepted the presence of members of the Teacher’s Assembly but it was quite clear that would not make concessions and finished imposing their decree.

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 During these negotiations very touching moments were lived again with spontaneous demonstrations of people, such as the spontaneous and silent demonstration during one night in front of the building of the Conselleria that brought together more than one thousand people arrived from all over the island. Nevertheless, even when the negotiations seemed to go by the right path everything broked. The meeting finished and Guillem Barceló, Assembly’s spokesman, talked to all the assistants saying that the Conselleria “had to consult their proposals”. Finally the result of that consult was very disappointing. Struggle had to continue but the strength started to decrease. Negotiations did not succeed. No agreements neither relevant progress or real proposals were done by the Government. Only the fact that the TIL law (trilinguism law) had to be applied under obligation. We have banged our heads against a brick wall. A Government that uses repression and only uses the argument that won the elections. They got an absolute majority with an electoral programme that standed up for the “consensus”. But they turned the tables and having won the elections has meant the imposition of a never lived authoritarianism. The increasing of pupil ratios at schools, staff-teachers cuts, etc.  a non-stop attack to the public school and a violation to the Catalan language which is the mother tongue and the official at the Balearic Islands. As the Spanish language is all over the State.
Teacher’s Assembly has been awarded with eight prizes, among them we canstress: Marta Mata’s award from Associació de Mestres Rosa Sensat, a very prestigious teaching association; the IV Veu Lliure Award, from PEN català; the mention during the awards of 31 d’Octubre from the Valencian Country; the Gabriel Alomar Award given by Obra Cultural Balear (50 years) during the Nit de la Cultura; the Placer de l’Any Award given by Sa Plaça’s magazine to associations that have excelled because of social and cultural work; Martí’s Gasull Award, from Plataforma per la Llengua, during its 20th anniversary and Isabel’s Coll Award, from the JSIB.IMG_5700.JPG

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