divendres, 11 de juliol de 2014

Spanish police keeps a watch on the political party of the President of Catalonia

On Monday, March 10th, at the headquarters of the CDC party, the private security services detected the presence of three suspicious individuals around the building. The subjects were seen again on Tuesday and Wednesday, so CDC’s officials alerted the Catalan police, who demanded that they be identified. The three men belonged to the Spanish police force, and allegedly they were keeping a watch on suspicious activities for top-secret case.
It is not known whether the Catalan policemen demanded that the Spanish policemen give them the name of the judge name that issued the investigation order. After that, the policemen did not come back.
As always in these cases, the Spanish police rushed to say that it was ridiculous to think that they were spying the CDC party headquarters. All in all, very suspicious.

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