diumenge, 13 de juliol de 2014

UK Parliament Briefing Paper: "Debate on possible independence of Catalonia"

The briefing paper provides an overview of recent developments and key issues in the debate. Its author is Rob Page of the International Affairs and Defence Section. The House of Commons Library provides research, analysis and information services for MPs and their staff.  The note is presented in theses terms:

 "Catalonia, a prosperous region in north-eastern Spain, has an autonomous Parliament. At present, parties in favour of Catalan independence have a majority in this Parliament, and the regional administration requested Madrid’s permission to hold a binding referendum on independence. However, the Parliament of Spain rejected this proposal, so the proposed referendum will now take the form of a non-binding “popular consultation.” This “popular consultation” will be held on 9 November 2014."

From Help Catalonia we are fully delighted of this report in so objective terms. Keep working.

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