diumenge, 11 de gener de 2015

Catalans support victims of Jihadist attack against ‘Charlie Hebdo’

On Wednesday evening, spontaneous demonstrations were organised in front of the French Consulate in Barcelona and in other places across Catalonia in solidarity with the victims and in condemnation of the Jihadist slaughter that killed 12 people in the Paris headquarters of the weekly satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’. 
On Thursday morning, hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the main Catalan town halls as well. 

Furthermore, Catalan authorities have also paid tribute to the victims on the day after the massacre. The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas; the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias; and the political groups of the Catalan Parliament all stood in front of their office buildings and observed a minute’s silence to pay homage, emphasising their solidarity with the families and friends of the people killed, as well as with all the French people. Barcelona’s Mayor also called for a “friendly” attitude towards the foreign nationals who have come to Catalonia “to live with us”.

"ARA" newspaper Front Page

Additionally, many newspapers edited in Catalonia led their Thursday front page with headlines such as “We are all ‘Charlie Hebdo’” and “Je suis Charlie”. 

In addition, many media outlets published or broadcast messages of solidarity, which also came out in defence of freedom of expression.


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