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Carme Forcadell, former chairwoman of ANC, rises as Speaker of the new Catalan parliament

Carme Forcadell, former chairwoman of the Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana, ANC) was elected as Speaker of the new Catalan Parliament. ANC is a leading civil movement which has organized last massive rallies for independence.

The first session of the new Catalan regional parliament began on October 26th morning and Carme was elected with 77 votes in favour versus 57 "none of the above". As well as the expected the pro independence coalition "Junts Pel Sí"(Together For Yes) and CUP support, Catalunya Sí Que Es Pot  MPs also voted for Ms. Forcadell. She said: "Thank you everyone. Very happy, honored and proud to preside Catalan Parliament. Now we start walking."

Voting is taking place for the other members of the Speaker's table. The pro-secession electoral list Junts Pel Sí  is expected to control a majority of the seats, four out of seven, with the other three likely to go to Ciudadanos, the Spanish Socialist Party and Catalunya Sí Que Es Pot.

*"Junts Pel Sí"(Together For Yes). Transversal coalition for independence (CDC, ERC, MÉS, DxC...)
CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy). Anti capitalists for independence.
Catalunya Sí Que Es Pot (Catalolia Yes We Can). Left for self-determination, both unionists and independentists.

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