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Resolution to start secession process submitted to Catalan Parliament

On October 27th, Catalan pro-independence parties submitted a resolution to the Catalan Parliament proposing that Catalonia splits from the Kingdom of Spain. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said that he would block any independence initiatives.

The Junts pel Si (“Together for Yes”) and  CUP hope that the nine point resolution will be adopted in early November. The first article reads :
The “democratic mandate based on the result of the elections held on September 27, is aimed at creation of independent and sovereign Catalan state”. The second one declares the beginning of the state creation process while the third one initiates an “open, inclusive and active constituent civil process aimed at building a foundation for the future Catalan constitution.” The third " Beginning of participatory, open, integrated, active citizen constituent process to prepare the foundation of the future Catalan Constitution.".

And the next ones:
4) Asks the future Government to adopt the necessary measures to realize these declarations.
5) Consider it pertinent to begin within 30 days passing three laws on Constituent Process, Social Security as well as Tax Agency.
6) This Parliament, as vessel of sovereignty and expression of constitutent power, notes that this Parliament, constituent process will not be subject to decisions of Spanish state institutions, specially the Spanish Constituional Court which it considers delegitimized and without authority due to the Ruling on Catalonia's Statute of Autonomy in June, 2010 despite it having been passed in referendum by the people, among other things.
7) Will adopt necessary measures to begin disconnecting democratically, massively, sustainedly, and peacefully from the Spanish State in order to empower the citizenry on all levels, and based on open, active, integrating participation.
8) Asks future Government to follow only those regulations/mandates which come from this legitimate, democratic Chamber in order to safeguard the fundamental rights which may be affected by decisions of Spanish State institutions.
9) Declares will to open negotiations in order to carry out democratic mandate to create an independent Catalan state in form of a Republic, and hereby makes such known to Spanish State, European Union and international community.

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