dissabte, 31 d’octubre de 2015

Nine pro-independence Galician militants arrested

The Spanish Civil Guard detained, on October 30th, nine militants in Galicia. They were members of the political organisation Causa Galiza. Among those arrested are militant historical Galician Antom Curto Arias who had been a member of the army Guerrilheiro do Povo Galego Ceive (EGPGC) and was caught in Vigo but not Antonio García Matos "Toninho" accused of leading the group Resistencia Galician. This is a small paramilitary group active since 2007.

But the main reason for the accusation of "glorification of terrorism" seems to be in the organization of the so called "Galiza Combatente Day", on October 11th, by Causa Galiza. This date has been commemorated since the beginning of the present century, instituted by Nós-Unidade Popular in 2002. Nós-UP is already dissolved today. But only 15 years after the first commemoration produced the first arrests for this reason... only two months before the Spanish elections. Spain also points to the alleged involvement of a detainee in EGPGC, armed organization ... Galician disappeared 25 years ago.

Three Catalan movements have expressed their solidarity with the arrested citizens: Alerta Solidària, Endavant OSAN and CUP. 

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