dilluns, 9 de novembre de 2015

A new Catalan political party is born

Democrats of Catalonia (Demòcrates de Catalunya) was formally established on November 8th during the constituent Congress which was held on the same date commemorated the 84th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Union 1931. The conference was held Barcelona with the participation of 604 volunteers registered.
Nuria Gispert and Antoni Castellà are the leading faces of this splinter party Democratic Union of Catalonia which was presented in fact on 12 July 2015. The new lineup includes the sovereignty faction of UDC which did not follow the party leadership in his break with Democratic Convergence of Catalonia. UDC is against the new line of CDC independence while DC is partisan of it.
As said Joan Rigol, former President of the Parliament of Catalonia and member of the new party "we bluntly independence of Catalonia to build a state based on the person, whether that mark what we should be as a country."

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