dissabte, 14 de novembre de 2015

Spanish Court suspends Catalan secession process pending central government appeal

Spain’s Constitutional Court agreed today to hear the Spanish government's appeal against a secession resolution passed by Catalonia’s regional parliaments. The resolution lays out a process to establish a Catalan republic within 18 months.

In a press conference prior to the ruling, Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy said, “[t]his is blatant disregard for the state’s institutions. They are trying to do away with democracy. I will not allow it.”

In a special meeting Wednesday, the Constitutional Court unanimously ordered a suspension of the secession process pending the central government’s appeal, which could take up to 5 months. They stated in their ruling, “[t]his is a warning to [Catalan leaders] that if they fail to comply with the suspension, they may commit disobedience.”

The Catalan government though has vowed to go ahead with the process in spite of the court-ordered suspension. “The political will of the government of Catalonia is to go ahead with the content of the resolution approved Monday by the Catalan government.”

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