diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2015

Demonstration in Majorca against the Nova Planta decree and pro-Spanish attack

The rally carried the slogan "300 years of occupation, 300 years of resistance, the struggle continues." It was organized by the Majorca's Independentist Left (EIM) with the support of Arran, Endavant Forward-OSAN, the Union of Students of the Catalan Countries (SEPC) and Solidarity Alert. It was attended by dozens of people on November 28th.
The Decree of New Plant in Mallorca was imposed on28 November 1715 and brought an end to the island's sovereignty. Hours before the rally, Spanish imperialists attacked a commemorative plaque wich was installed in December of 2012, in memory of the 50th anniversary of the OCB (Balearic Cultural Work). The plaque also recalled that there had been the Editorial Moll, founded by Francesc de Borja Moll to print catalan-language books.

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