Catalan Patriots display a huge 'Donec Perficiam' (Until We Prevail) black flag in Vic


The new organization Catalonians for independence, unfurled a giant black flag in Vic (Osona) on Sunday 24 January. The action had the support of Volunteers for the Republic and the Committees in Defense of the Republic of the West, Vic, Ter, Anoia and Penedès.
"This flag with the cross of Santa Eulàlia spread today here in the square is an example of a shared struggle, in this case with Catalans for the Independence of Cardona, Motards Independentistes and other local and territorial CDRs."

The Catalan black flag or of Donec Perficiam (until successful, motto of the Catalan royal guards in the 18th century) was designed by the Reeixida foundation in 2008 and means "non-surrender". This meaning comes from its historical contrast to the white flag, a symbol of surrender. The flag commemorates the tricentenary of the War of the Spanish Succession. During the siege of Barcelona in 1714, black flags were hoisted in the city of Barcelona as a symbol of resistance. It was not until July 2014 that it was redesigned, a white star and the cross of Santa Eulàlia, patron saint of Barcelona, ​​were added.

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