Pro independence parties rise from 47,5 % to 51,14 % and from 70 to 74 MPs

The pro-independence parties have won more than 50% of the vote in elections in Catalonia for the first time. The sum of ERC, JxCat, CUP, PDeCAT, Primary and FNC has been imposed on a total of 837 of the 947 Catalan municipalities. This is a higher figure than in 2017, when the pro-independence formations that presented themselves achieved this in 815 municipalities.

The turnout goes down from 79,09 % to 53,54 % amisdt the pandemics. Pro independence parties go down a 30 % but the pro Spanish go down a 40 % in spite of the rise of Vox, a new Fascist party which bursts in with a 7,7 %. The Catalan Independence front goes from 47.5% to 51.14% thanks to the decrease in participation that most strongly affects Spanish nationalism. Despite the advances it loses 630,000 votes. mainly due to the decline in ERC (-35%). JxCat and PDeCAT also collect 32% less votes than in 2017 and the CUP is down 3%. The Spanish forces lose 40% of the vote (the independence setback is 30%). C'anos falls 85%, PP 41% and Comuns 40%. All this makes it easier for Spanish nationalism to go from 65 to 61 seats, while the independence frontgoes from 70 to 74 MPs.

Although the three pro-independence forces of 2017 went from 2,079,000 votes to 1,360,696 and, as a percentage, only grew from 47.5% to 48.01, the presentation of other lists allows it to grow to 51.14% :

ERC 21.30% 33 MPs

JxCat 20.04% 32 MPs

CUP 6.67% 9 MPs

PDeCAT 2.72%

Primary 0.21%

FNC 0.18%

SCat 0.01%

MCR 0.01%

Overall, 1,448,901 people voted for pro-independence forces and 1,347,103 for Spaniards in the absence of a foreign vote.

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