Wave of attacks against Spanish paraphernalia assumed by the new Catalan resistance group Action for Independence


Five attacks in five days. So far iver acts of sabotage have been carried out in a short space of time. Acció per la Independència (Action for Independence) began its offensive on July 18, the date of the beginning of the Spanish Fascist uprising in 1936. The organization sabotaged the crypt of Montserrat Mountain dedicated to the Spanish Francoists and destroyed Franco's symbols by breaking into the crypt of the requetès de Montserrat and the Francoist emblems that were there. Almost simultaneously, the next day, a monolith located in Albons (Baix Empordà) was destroyed in homage to his fallen “For God and Spain”, with the emblem of the 'Brotherhood of Captives for Spain', related to the Phalange Fascist party. In a third action on July 20, a similar monolith was also destroyed in Canet d'Adri (Gironès).

The organization, which was set up on April 23, said that this is the only way to "decide with full freedom the political, social and cultural changes that allow Catalonia to move to an advanced society." The group, which has already advanced that its sabotage campaign continues, has no visible faces and in fact claims to be an anonymous, transversal and unitary organization.

The fourth action of the pro-independence group Acció per la Independència, has been tonight in Santa Maria del Collell (Sant Ferriol, La Garrotxa). The group destroyed a monumental complex dedicated to 48 Falangist prisoners executed in January 1939 on Wednesday morning. The monument, made up of a cross and a monolith, was destroyed. Pro-independence activists have dropped both items, smashed commemorative plaques and even finished it off with a drill. Simultaneously another squad has destroyed a monolith of exaltation of the Spanish Franco regime in Avignon (Bages) also tonight.

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