Audios show that the Spanish police tortured Basque citizens to death: "we made them dig holes before killing them"

Evidence of torture to death by the state when it was ruled by the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party nowadays ruling force) appeared yesterday. Yesterday they were referring to Mikel Zabaltza. The Spanish Luis Alberto Perote, former colonel of the Superior Center of Defense Information (CSID), and Pedro Gómez Nieto, captain of the Civil Guard, in the audio talk about how Felipe González, then president of the PSOE and the government, was informed of the torture. About Zabaltza the death "was during the interrogation. Possibly a cardiac arrest due to the bag on his head. This is my impression. They made a lot of mistakes. They interrogated him and had his relatives in the next room."

About Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala, who were kidnapped, tortured and killed by the LAG in 1983, Gómez Nieto, captain of the Civil Guard, relates that they were forced to dig their grave before being executed with a shot to the head Two years later, their bodies were discovered by a hunter in a pit in Busot, although they could not be identified until 1995, as they had been hung with quicklime.

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